SSC Minutes

Minutes For September 13, 2016

San Diego Unified School District

Johnson Stem Magnet

School Site Council (SSC) Meeting Agenda

September 15, 2016 12:30




1.Call to Order (Chairperson) 1 minute

• Chairperson

· Meeting called to order at 12:32p.m.

2. SSC Business 10 minutes

· Approve Minutes from 9/13/2016

· Minutes 6/6/2016 approved as read- 1st Reed; 2nd Nauton. Minutes passed. Correction to minutes noted and corrected.

3. Principal 30 minutes

· Approve minutes from last meeting on June 6, 2016

· New members

· New budget strings

· Future trainings

· We continue to have work with DEEP and First Five. We hire noon duty to provide for childcare. We pay first and then DEEP repays us. Now we have a budget string to provide childcare for these events.

· There will be trainings for SSC. Will need to vote on this as a staff, Ms. Parson will continue on in her position as classified staff. Dates will be shared as they become available.

· Need of a parent for SSC position that needs to be filled by a parent. Will make a public notice for an opening and then create a ballot for SGT and SSC.

4. Representative Information 15 minutes


· ELAC reports

· No meetings so no reports to date

5. Public Comments

· Share with team our focus on data

· Teachers will create Smart Goals. A format will be provided.

· Like the new Envision curriculum

· SIPPS is designed for primary students. We are in our third year of implementation. Students are making progress in SIPPS which should impact their reading.

· Library is open and checking out books which also is a good support. It is beneficial to everyone!

· Purchased a kit for older students called PLUS. We have new kits use the cards and follow what is there.

· Purchased chart stands so that SIPPS charts/cards are still available during other times of the day. Need to know who still needs them.

· Ms. Reed glad to be back this year, granddaughter is excited about 4th grade

· Our school received a grant for Fleet Science for Girls. October 5 to April 12th from 2:15-4:15.

· Reconnecting with EIS with program called STEPS to STEM. 4th and 5th to do a walk through this week. 4th grade will go for 5 weeks, then all upper grades will go as well. Parents will be responsible for picking up kids at 6pm from EIS. After school on Tuesdays.

· New music teacher for upper grades, Mr. Alforque Thomas. Excited to return.

· Opportunities for ProAct training. Colleagues out tomorrow for literacy work. Meeting for math, Math Studio, it is a grant and Lisa Stone will help to lead that work and continue her work at our school.

6. Members in Attendance

See attached sign in sheet

7. Adjournment 1 minute

· Meeting Adjourned at 1:07 p.m.

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